FLAMES INC.  has Moved! Please visit our new location at 135 Columbus ave. Tuckahoe, NY. 10707

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is a Westchester based, Full Service Fireplace and BBQ company with a Showroom located in Tuckahoe, NY., a small hamlet in lower Westchester County.  

Simply put, we love Fire! What's not to love? It's dangerous, warming, comforting, fun, useful and downright mesmerizing! 

"Start with something you love, then turn it into a job." Antiquity tells me this.

Life said take your love and experience, open a Fireplace and BBQ store and remember... Life is a Fire.

“You cannot give every person more in cash market value than you take from them, but you can give them more in use value than the cash value of the thing you take from them.“  Wallace D. Wattles

The internet has equalized pricing of tangible assets. Most times I can walk into say Best Buy, purchase an electronic device for the same or less than what's on the net. That's intangible value!

Try it, search any consumer product and you'll get unlimited purchase opportunities from legitimate retail outfits to internet hucksters trolling in the shadows for a quick sale.

We believe in what we do and we're committed to developing long lasting win/win relationships with our customers. After all, the person installing your fireplace or BBQ today is likely the same person who'll service it 10 years from now. 

While we offer similar products and services as our competitors...that's where the comparison ends. Most Fireplace and BBQ products aren't plug and play. We bring an unparalleled love for fire, a dedication to safety and professionalism, and a keen sense of style and design to your fire project. Most times we can suit your fire needs with readily available products or a custom designed and manufactured "fire" to fit your lifestyle. 

Choose Flames....For Fire.


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